CAN Bus Protocol Analyzer

CAN stands for Controller Area Network. It was originally developed by Robert Bosch GmbH as a reliable communications bus for automotive systems. Due to its robust noise immunity, fault tolerance, and low cost, it is used extensively in modern automobiles, heavy equipment, factory automation and sea-craft.

The CAN Bus Protocol Analyzer is one of many signal decoders included with all DigiView Logic Analyzers.

CAN bus overview

The DigiView software provides extensive navigation, search, measurement, export, plot and printing capabilities to all signal types. The CAN Bus Protocol Analyzer adds CAN Bus specific decoding and configuration options.

We decode the entire CAN 2.0B specification, including:
  • Base and Extended Frame formats
  • Data Frames
  • Remote Frames
  • Overload Frames
  • Error Frames
Configuration options include:
  • Baud rate
  • Propagation Delay
  • Maximum sync adjust
  • Glitch Filtering
  • Show/Hide Control bits
  • Show/Hide Delimiters
  • Show/Hide CRC
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CAN bus protocol

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