DigiView DV509 Logic Analyzer

1Gsps, 9 Channel, Logic Analyzer with Protocol Analyzer plugins and Hardware Compression.

Need 18 channels? See: DV518
DigiView DV509 in hand
Very Small Size:
The sturdy extruded aluminum case is only 2.8" wide, 3.4" long and ½" thick.

DigiView DV509 Typical usage
Flexible Spider Stand included:
Place the unit exactly where you need it, without fear of short-circuits. Hang it on a riser card or place it directly on your target.

Key Features:

  • Physical Channels: 9
  • Sample rate: 4ch@1 Gsps or 9ch@500Msps (4 ch. are sampled every 1ns or 9 ch. are sampled every 2ns)
  • Typical capture: 100M transitions (> 1B samples)
  • Hardware based triggers with 8 universal match circuits, and partitionable 16 stage sequencer
  • Adjustable Threshold (± 4V)
  • Real-time, Hardware-based, Adaptive Compression
  • Channels protected to ± 20V
  • Ground leads protected to ± 12V
  • High-quality test leads: 66 strand soft copper wires, flexible insulation, and gold plated connectors. Fit .025 square posts as well as the included clips.
  • Extra ESD protection
  • Streaming storage with auto fall-back to Store & Forward mode - ensures large storage and reliability.
  • USB 3.0 (SS) or USB 2.0 (High Speed)
  • USB powered
  • Each DigiVIew includes all avialable Protocol Analyzer plugins (including: I2C, SPI, CAN, Async, Sync, 1-wire, I2S, TDM)
  • Free Plugin Developers' Kit
  • Requires Windows 7 or greater OS (32bit or 64bit)
  • Free Lifetime sofware updates.
  • 1 year warranty

DigiView DV509 Contents

DV509 Contents:
• Analyzer • 1 Data Cable • 10 Micro grabber Clips • USB Cable • Spider Stand/hanger • All available Protocol Plugins • Plugin Developers' Kit • Free lifetime software updates and support


Simplified Block Diagram

DigiView DV509 Block Diagram NOTE: the DV509 does not support 18 channel mode


Storage Specifications

Typical1 Captures
Samples:> 1B
Async:18M chars
Sync:5M chars
I2C:4M chars
SPI:8M chars
1-wire4M chars
TDM4M chars
Clock Cycles:50M

1 Try our interactive chart for more capture details.

Cable Specifications

Conductors:66 strand, soft copper for flexibility and durability
Insulation:Extra Flexible PVC
Channels per cable:9
Cables per unit:1
Connectors:Gold Plated, fits microclips and .025 posts on 0.1" centers
Spares:CBL-DV5A ($25)

Trigger Specifications

Operating speed:250MHz
Min. Detectable Duration:4ns
Match Circuits:8
Match Types:Each match circuit can be configured to any one of the following 9 match types:
Pattern (X,0,1), Edge (X,⮥,⮧,⭥), Stable, =, ≠, >, <, ≥, ≤.
Match width:Each match circuit operates across all channels. Edge and stable matches specify an 'OR' of multiple channels. The others specify an 'AND' of multiple channels.
Duration Qualifiers:Each match type (except edge) can specify min. duration the match must last to be valid.
Sequencers:4 - 4 stage sequencers. Can be cascaded in any combination. Each of the 16 stages contains a 1M count pass counter.
Sum-of-Products:Each match circuit is connected to 8, 8-input AND gates, allowing the matches to be shared and combined. Each of these product terms are connected to an OR gate on each sequencer stage input and on the direct trigger out. This is a fully poupulated sum-of-products array, allowing for much more advanced usage of the match circuits.

Get More Trigger Details

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DigiView DV509 Contents
9 channels
Typical capture1:
100M Transitions, > 1B samples
4M-18M Protocol Characters/Bytes


1 Try our interactive chart for more capture details.

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