Plotting Signal Data

DigiView can plot BUS, STATE, Protocol and Custom plug-in field values. NOTE: this does not imply DigiView does analog capture (like a scope). Rather, it allows you to visualize decoded digital VALUES. For example, the image below shows the LEFT and RIGHT channel fields from an I2S serial protocol capture.

plot example

  • When a signal is set to plot mode, it is shown in the waveform view as a graphical plot. All List views, searches and exporting continue to use numeric values.
  • Up to 4 independent plots can be defined for each signal.
  • Each plot can display all fields in a signal, or selected fields (like the 5th and 7th-10th fields of each frame.) In the example above, we defined 2 plots on the same signal. One plot selected the 1st field of each frame, and the other plot selected the 2nd field.
  • The data can be interpreted as Unsigned, 2's Compliment, Sign & Magnitude, or Zero-Offset format.
Demo Video

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