Asynchronous Protocol Analyzer

RS-232, Serial and ASYNC are often used interchangeably to refer to the serial interface on microcontrollers and older PCs. The actual data encoding is defined by the UART in these devices (which are typically connected to an RS-232 interface.)

The ASYNC Protocol Analyzer is one of many signal decoders included with all DigiView Logic Analyzers.

Async overview

The DigiView software provides extensive navigation, search, measurement, export, plot and printing capabilities to all signal types. The ASYNC Bus Protocol Analyzer adds ASYNC Bus specific decoding and configuration options.

Our 'ASYNC' decoder decodes the protocol implemented by UARTs. It supports all standard baud rates and custom baud rates to 10Mbaud.

Configuration options include:
  • MSB/LSB First
  • Character widths of 4-8 bits
  • Custom Baud Rates
  • Parity of Odd, Even, None, 0 or 1
  • 9th bit high/low addressing modes
  • Frame on 9bit Address flag
  • Frame Length Specifier (# of Characters)
  • Glitch Filtering (0-10% of Bit Width)
  • Framing, Parity and Break errors detected
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