Bus Decoder

The BUS decoder allows you to view a collection of channels as a single BUS value, displayed in HEX, Decimal, ASCII, Octal or Binary. The channels do not need to be consecutive. We abstract a single value from only the selected channels.

Bus overview

Demo Video
Benefits of a Bus Decoder and Abstraction:
  • Abstraction allows you to view the data and reference values in terms of BUS values, rather than specific channel levels.
  • Searches, Hardware Trigger's and Exporting are simplified. With abstraction a Bus value can be specified for non-consecutive channels instead of individual bit values which would require additional 'ignore bit' specifiers.
  • Search and Trigger definitions do not have to be modified when changing channel assignments.
  • Data can be viewed as a single value or expanded into consecutive bits in Waveform and Tabular views.
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