Since DigiView Logic Analyzers can potentially capture trillions of samples and millions of screens of data in a single capture, powerful search capabilities are a necessity; not a luxury.

Search Features

  • General Search - DigiView provides a Pattern Search to locate Patterns across multiple channels.

  • Sequential Frame and Field search - Sequential Searches use the field names and data from any parsed signal selected, even if it is a custom plug-in created with our free PDK (examples included). Sequential searches can find a specific sequence of field values (including skipping field counts or using "Don't Care" values) within framed or unframed data. If searching framed data, a sequence of frames can be searched (including skipping a frame count) using a specific field sequence for each frame (a sequence across multiple frames, where the frame contents of each frame meets its own sequence criteria) .

  • Search Manager - The search manager window shows a list of all defined searches, provides quick access for seaching and can be used to add, delete, copy or edit searches.

  • Auto Search Windows - Auto Search Windows are used to activate a search automatically when capturing data or browsing through the capture history. Auto Search Windows provide features to halt the analyzer or prevent specific captures from being added to the capture history.

  • Search Capture History feature - With the Capture History Search feature, any search can be selected to search the entire capture history and load the file that meets the selected match count criteria. Searching can be continued forward or backward from the position matched.

search example
Search Details

Demo Video

Help Videos

searching protocols
Searching Protocol Captures
sequence searching
Searching for a Sequence
search manager
Search Manager
auto searches
Auto Search, Save, Veto

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