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DigiView Screen-shot
DigiView DV518 Typical usage


DigiView is a highly productive, thoroughly integrated tool. Each feature is deeply integrated and complete - not just marketing bullets. You will find a lot more 'under the hood' than just 'Advanced Searches', 'Powerful Triggers' or 'Easy Navigation' buzz phrases. Much of the depth is difficult to see in marketing materials and only fully appreciated when you start using the system in real-world debug scenarios.

The following is a high level summary of the hardware and software features. If you really like details, we have over 200 pages of information so you can dig as deep as you want. But we have tried to organize it so that you don't have to dig any deeper than you need.

Use the left menu, the menu button , or the shortcuts within each page for a deeper dive.

Key Software Features

Bool, Bus, State
  • Bool Signals show single channel as a boolean waveform
  • Bus and State Signals
    • Show collection of channels as a Bus/State
    • Channel assignments can have gaps
    • Display in HEX, Decimal, Octal, ASCII, Binary
    • Expand display to show individual channels
    • Show values as a Plot
  • Each State Signal can specify any channel for its clock and enable signals.
expanded bus signal
  • Includes all available Protocol Analyzer plugins (including: I2C, SPI, CAN, Async, Sync, 1-wire, I2S, TDM)
  • Free Plugin Developers' Kit for custom protocols
  • Protocols and custom plugins are fully integrated
  • Can expand Protocols to see their constituent signals and timing.
  • Can Plot user specified fields
  • Protocols can share channels. For example, 4 SPI signals that share CLK, MOSI and MISO would only require 7 channels (4 CS signals and one each of CLK, MOSI and MISO.) Saves channels and eliminates having to connect multiple channel wires to the same signal.
I2C protocol example
  • Instant Measurements: Simply move your mouse over any waveform to see waveform-specific critical measurements (pulse width, duty-cycle, frame length, field count, field length...)
  • Quick Measurements: Marquee an area to see more extensive, signal-specific measurements (avg/min/max pulse width, transition count, avg. frequency, field count...)
  • Dynamic Measurements: Create measurement windows that continuously show a list of user-selected measurements. Dynamically updated according to the current zoom or marque area and which waveform the mouse is over. Dozens of measurements to choose from.
  • Marker Measurements: Create a Marker Time window and specify which marker pairs to watch. The time between each marker pair is updated whenever they move.

Multiple measurements picture
  • Search Forward and backward
  • Match on sequences of fields and/or frames, including skip counts and value ranges
  • Perform pattern matching (0,1,X) across multiple bus and bool signals
  • Sliding matching handles nested and overlapped sequences
  • Manual find prev/next
  • Auto search shows list of all matches
Search Example
Search entire capture history
Search Example
User Interface
  • Define unlimited number of signals (Bus, Bool, State and Protocols.)
  • Create multiple instances of waveforms, tables, measurements, auto-searches...
  • Create multiple link groups and assign each window to a group. All windows within a group track.
  • Dock and/or tab windows into other windows.
  • Export to CSV files.
  • Print Waveforms and Plots.
  • Entire capture (potentially Trillions of samples) is stored in memory in compressed form for extremely fast:
    • Protocol Decoding
    • zooming, scrolling and jumping
    • Measurements and statistics
    • Searching and Exporting
  • Compatible with 32/64b Windows 7-11.
  • Free Lifetime sofware updates.
  • No registration or unlock keys.
  • Friendly EULA: unlimited installs.

Key Hardware Features

Banner Specs
  • Physical Channels: 9 or 18
  • Sample rate: 4ch@1Gsps(1ns) or 9ch@500Msps(2ns) or 18ch@250Msps(4ns) (All channels sampled at the specified rate)
  • Typical capture: 100M transitions (> 1B samples)
  • Hardware based triggers with 8 universal match circuits, and partitionable 16 stage sequencer
  • Adjustable Threshold (-4V to +4V)
  • USB 3.0 (SS) or USB 2.0 (High Speed)
  • USB powered
Unique Hardware Features
  • Real-time, Hardware-based, Adaptive Compression. Eliminates sample-rate/resolution vs. capture-time trade-offs. DigiViews always capture at their maximum sample-rate (highest resolution), while simultaneously achieving maximal capture time.
  • Gaps or dead time between frames, characters, bits or edges increase our capture time.
  • Streaming storage with auto fall-back to Store & Forward mode - ensures large storage and reliability.
Robust Hardware
  • Channels protected to +- 20V
  • Ground leads protected to +-12V
  • High-quality test leads: 66 strand soft copper wires, flexible insulation, and gold plated connectors. Fit .025 square posts as well as the included clips.
  • Extra ESD protection on all external connections
  • Extruded aluminum case.
  • 1 year warranty
Robust Architecture
  • Real, hardware based logic analyzer.
  • All real-time functions performed in hardware
  • Uses PC's processing power for post capture decoding, searching, display formatting...
  • Uses PC's keyboard, mouse and display for user interface
  • Not dependant on the PC's performance or load.
  • Guaranteed performance.
  • Will never miss a trigger.
  • Will never over-run or tell you to "reduce the sample rate and try again."

Simplified Block Diagram

DigiView DV509 Block Diagram

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DigiView DV509 Contents
9 channels
Typical capture1:
100M Transitions, > 1B samples
4M-18M Protocol Characters/Bytes



DigiView DV518 Contents
18 channels
1Gsps@4ch, 500Msps@9ch
Typical capture1:
100M Transitions, > 1B samples
4M-18M Protocol Characters/Bytes


All DigiViews include: • All available Protocol Plugins • USB and Data Cables • Full compliment of Micro-grabber clips • Plugin Developers' Kit • Free lifetime software updates and support

1 Try our interactive chart for more capture details.

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