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DigiView User's Guide

Search Button B_search

Left clicking on a search button searches back in time (previous match.)  Right clicking on a search button searches forward in time (next match.)  See 'Define Searches' for details on creating searches.


Invoking Searches

There are several methods of invoking a search. Each presents a slightly different way of selecting the search and the target window, but they all perform the search in the same manner.


If the search is configured to search 'from center time', then the search starts from the center time of the FOCUSED window (possibly the last match).  Otherwise the search starts from the search's marker position (possibly the last match).  In either case, the marker is positioned at the location of the search match and then the FOCUSED window is centered on the marker.  If the window is part of a link group, then the entire link group is centered as well (see: Link Groups). The center time of the FOCUSED window does not change if the search fails.


Regardless of how the search is invoked, we actually always run the DEFAULT search on the FOCUSED windowed.  We simply CHANGE the DEFAULT search or the FOCUSED window before running the search in some cases.  This creates a very consistent environment where you can jump from one search button to another without surprises. The last invoked search is always the current DEFAULT search and the window under the mouse is always the currently FOCUSED window.


Local Search

Each Data Table, List and Waveform window has a local search button.  When you click on a window's local search button, that window becomes the FOCUSED window and then the search is applied to it as usual (using this newly FOCUSED window).  


Search Manger Searches

When you click on a search button in the search manager, the DEFAULT search is changed to that button's search and then the search is performed as usual (using this new DEFAULT search). However, the search will be performed on the Waveform View of the currently focused Link Group. (see: Search Manager)