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DigiView User's Guide

New searches are defined by opening the Search Manager window and clicking on the "New" button or using the main menu (Menu-> Search-> New Search) then selecting the signal to search from the selection list. Depending on the type of signal selected, a Pattern Search or Sequential Search will be created and its editor window will automatically open. For example, if you have selected a signal of type "I2C", then the Sequential search type will be created. (For details on each search types, see: Search Types).


After a search is created it will be available in the Search Manager and all search selection windows, including selection for Auto Search windows and searching the Capture History files.


All search types (and therefore all search editors) have the following common properties.




Search Name - Description

Use the Name field to describe the search. This descriptor will be displayed in the Search Manager Window and any search selection box.


From - Where to begin Searching

The 'search from' selection determines where the search starts from; the current center of screen or the current marker location.  Since the marker is placed at the center of the screen after the first search match, these are often the same during consecutive searches.  The main difference occurs during the first search or between searches if you scroll the screen.


Set Marker - Mark the match point

The marker selection determines which marker is used to show the search match. You must select one.  Whenever the search matches, the selected marker is placed at the match point and then centered in the searched window.




Delete Button - Deletes this search

Use the Delete button to dispose of the search and remove it from all search managers.


Close Button - Closes this search editor window

Use the Close button when you are finished making changes and want to close the editor for this search.


Search Button - Performs this search

Use the Search button to test the settings you have just entered for this search. Right-Click to search forward from the current time of the marker. Left-Click to search backward from the current time of the marker. When you are satisfied with the search settings, you can close the search and use any search button in the application to continue searching. (see: Searching)