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DigiView User's Guide

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Getting Started

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DigiView User's Guide Version 9.2.1, Last Updated 06/14/2019

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DigiView is a highly productive, thoroughly integrated tool with many in-depth features when compared to other PC based Logic Analyzers. Each feature is deeply integrated and complete with options that might not be immediately apparent. To benefit from all of DigiView's features we suggest taking the time to briefly review our User's Guide. Some portions will cover obvious features or those you may already be aware of however, you may find one of those 'must have' features once you review this guide and start using the software.


Installing the Software

Installing the USB Drivers

USB Connection



Launching the software can be done by any of the standard methods (Start Menu, Desktop Shortcut, selecting "Open" on a project file, etc). But the following sections provide much needed information on what to do when the software launches and some basic usage that will help you get the most benefit from our software such as using the Left or Right mouse buttons on many of our buttons to activate opposite or symmetrical functions (Dual Function Buttons).


Some 'Must See' Basics

The Section "Menus, Tool Bars and Mouse Basics" covers some fundamental basics used throughout the program such as using both Left and Right mouse clicks on many of our dual function buttons.


See: Menus, Tool Bars and Mouse Basics



Some Layout and Window Placement

DigiView's software has a very customizable user interface to adapt to your needs. Docking, Tabbing and aligning the various Feature Windows on the screen is covered in the Window Arrangement section.


See: Window Arrangement



Getting a Project Started

After installing the software and connecting the DigiView hardware we suggest opening some of the included project examples to experiment with, even if your Device Under Test is configured differently than the example. This will help you get familiar with the flexibility of DigiView's software.


The section "Project Selections" covers the initial startup screen and selecting one of our example projects (that come complete with captured data).


See: Project Selections