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DigiView User's Guide

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The DigiView software is designed to make configuration an easy task and less time consuming than most PC based analyzer systems. The easier it is to configure and understand your Capture and Analysis tool, the easier it will be to achieve successful results.


project settings button

To access the Project Configuration Options window, click the Project Settings button on the tool bar (highlighted above) or select Menu-> Configure-> and the name of the configuration group (Color Themes and Environment options are not project specific and are only available from this menu).


After the hardware is connected to the PC, the first step of configuration is to attach the physical channels to the circuit and create a Signal definition that uses those channels.


The first topic in this section covers the physical channel connections and cable color scheme. The next section provides detailed information on defining trigger conditions and associating a signal type with the physical channels. The remaining sections deal with user preferences.


You might want to review the USB Connection topic before proceeding.


Connecting Data Lines

Defining Signals and Triggers

Plotting Signal Data

Analyzer Options

Acquisition Options

Color Themes

Using the Color Selection Dialog

Environment Options