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DigiView User's Guide

After "Tabbing" windows together, several display options are available from a pop-up menu that is accessible by Right-Clicking on any of the Tabs. Available options depend on the selected Tab Orientation.




Tab Orientation


Options are TOP, LEFT, BOTTOM, RIGHT. Choose one of these options to change the placement of the Tabs in a tabbed window.





Tab Rows


Options are SINGLE, MULTIPLE. Choose multiple to have the tabs align in a single row with "scroll buttons" on the right. Choosing multiple will change the tabs to the default multiple row behavior and remove the "scroll buttons". Tab orientation must be set to Top or Bottom to select the Single option.





Tab Size


Options are STRETCH to FIT, NORMAL. Choose "stretch to fit" to have the tabs "fill" the available space when multiple rows are present. Select "normal" to size the tab to the length of its text.





Tab Style


Options are TABS, BUTTONS, FLAT BUTTONS. Tab orientation must be set to "TOP" to select the option of Buttons or Flat Buttons.