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DigiView User's Guide

Simple triggers make it easy to configure trigger conditions directly from any signal in any waveform view. Pattern matching and Edge detections (changes) can be configured for all or any of the signals you have in the project.



Simple Trigger Symbols




When you have changed the trigger mode to Simple (see Triggers), the trigger column in all waveform views will display a trigger condition symbol to the right of each signal's name. The symbol will reflect the condition set for that signal. Each symbol and its explanation is listed below.




Multiple States, mixed mode indicator


Rising Edge


Don't care, Ignore


Falling Edge


Pattern of Logic 1


Either edge (any change)


Pattern of Logic 0



Editing Simple Triggers


Click on the symbol next to the signal's name to make changes. Editing the condition is slightly different for Boolean, Bus and Decoded signals. With Boolean signals you can choose one of 6 conditions (X,1,0,rise,fall,either). With Bus signals, you can choose one of these 6 conditions for each channel of the bus or select one condition for all of its channels. Decoded signals use a combination that reflects each of the channel groups it consists of (clock, data bus etc.). An Example of each is displayed below.



Boolean signal example:


The selected condition is highlighted in the selection group to the right and also displayed next to the signal's name.


Move the mouse over any condition symbol in the selection group on the right then Click to make it the selected condition.




BUS signal example:



The currently selected condition of each channel is displayed beneath the channel number.


To change the condition, move the mouse over a channel and the vertical selection group will move over that channel and highlight its current selection. In the image above channel 1's current condition is '0'. Clicking on any other condition symbol in the vertical selection group will change channel 1 to the new condition. Move the mouse left or right until you are over the channel you want to change, then select the new condition.


To change ALL the channels to the same condition move the mouse over the "ALL" text. When the mouse is over the "all" text, the selection group will move to the right of it. Any condition selected will now apply to and update all the channels for that group.




Typical Decoded signal examples:


Each channel group of a Decoded Signal is edited in the same way as a Boolean or Bus signal. Move the mouse over each group to change the condition just like the Boolean and Bus examples above.



Editing the "Clock Channel" trigger condition





Editing "Data Channels" and preparing to set a new trigger condition for all its channels





Editing the "Data" channel trigger condition


The decoded signal above consists of 3 Boolean channels. Move the mouse over each channel to select a new condition.