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DigiView User's Guide

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Exporting from List Windows

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This export method can be selected from the Main menu (Menu->Export->Table/Decoded List) or directly from a Tabular View's menu. List Exports export the decoded data of higher level signals (such as I2C), and will have a slightly different set of options that are specific to each signal type. (see: Exporting, Signal Types, Tabular Views)


The Exported Data Example area will be updated automatically to reflect any changes in export options.  





Numerical Format (Radix)

This option determines the formatting for each signal that uses more than one channel (Boolean signals will always be formatted as a '1' or '0'). This option will display the format setting of the signal in the list view being exported. To change the format for exporting, select the desired option.


Field Separator

Chose the character for separating each item on a line of exported data.


Field Mode

Select this option to force each field to a new line when framing data is present. Uncheck this option to output a frame of fields per line.


Include Field Names

Select this option to include the Field name in the export.


Include Line Numbers

Select this option to include the line number at the beginning of each line.


Include Time Stamp

Select this option to include the time of each exported sample.


Exported Data Example

This area provides an instant "preview" of the data to export and is updated when any option or signal format is changed.