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DigiView Plug-in Guide

Sends the data captured at each clock edge as an event. Also send SELECT and SYNC events (if defined).  The pre-processor honors the select signal (ignores clocks while disabled/deselected) but ignores the SYNC signal.  If the user enables the SYNC channels, the pre-processor simply detects transitions on that line and reports them to the plug-in.


Configuration Options provided by the pre-processor


Clock Channel
Selects which physical channel to assign to the CLOCK
Data Channels
Selects which physical channels to assign to the DATA bus
Enable Channel
Selects which physical channel to assign to the ENABLE.
The enable can be disabled if not used
Frame SYNC Channel
Selects which physical channel to assign to the FRAME SYNC.
This can be used to identify frame limits
The FRAME SYNC can be disabled if not used.
Clock On
Selects which edge of the clock to use for strobing in data
Enable Level
Selects the active level for the Enable signal


This preparser can generate more than 1 event at a time.  It sets 1 or more event flags in data byte[6] to indicate which events occurred at this timestamp.  It also updates some status bits in that same byte to indicate the current state of some of the control signals. The event flags and status levels are defined below:

DATAEVENT  FLAG (bit 7 : 0x80)

When this bit is set, state data was strobed in at this time.  The data field holds the clocked data.

SELECTEVENT FLAG  (bit 6 : 0x40)

When this is set, the SELECT channel transitioned.  The SELECTLEVEL tells us if it went active or inactive

SYNCEVENT FLAG  (bit 5 : 0x20)

When this is set, the SYNC channel transitioned.  The SYNCLEVEL tells us the new level

SELECTLEVEL  (bit 2 : 0x04)

The current state of the select signal. 1 => enabled, 0=> disabled  (regardless of the logic level on the physical channel)

SYNCLEVEL  (bit 1 : 0x02)

The current logic level of the SYNC channel.  The preparser assumes nothing about the meaning of this signal so it passes the actual logic level to you