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DigiView Plug-in Guide

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The built-in interpreters can be used as pre-processors for your plug-in.


Every built-in interpreter consists of 2 parts; a pre-processor and a post-processor.  



The pre-processor handles the link level protocol extraction.  This includes things like detecting clock edges, honoring enables, shifting bits and detecting protocol defined start/stop or error conditions.  


The post-processor is responsible for formatting and framing the data (when framing is not part of the protocol).  It determines field colors and how the data is printed in each field.  Mini-plug-ins REPLACE the internal post-processor.  The output (events) from the internal pre-processor is routed to your plug-in.  Your plug-in's output (fields) are stored in the signal's internal state table.  Full plug-ins accept raw data events and generate fields directly.  In effect, they replace both the pre-processor and the post processor.

Pre-Processor Details: