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DigiView Plug-in Guide

You can create a lot of useful plug-ins by extending the existing examples.  The configuration sections can generally be debugged without the use a debugger and simple parse() routines can often be debugged through the visual feedback provided by DigiView.  The plug-in can even write debug message to the waveform.


However you will need a deeper understanding of how the framework works in order to write and debug more involved plug-ins.  The remainder of this guide provides that information.


Development Tips provides a lot of useful tips for generating the formatting you want and for understanding when and why the DigiView application calls the various routines in your code.


Debugging explains how to setup Visual Studio to debug the plug-in and provides some recommended work-flows to make debugging go smoothly.


Plug-in Framework explains the purpose and syntax of every file and procedure in the framework.


Plug-in Examples provides a brief description of each of the provided plug-in examples.