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DigiView Plug-in Guide

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Streaming and Buffering

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The communications between the DigiView application and your plug-in use overlapping, streaming data packets with FIFO buffering in both directions.  Once you hit a breakpoint in your code, and DigiView displays a timeout dialog, you could have several hundred received events queued up for processing.  Likewise, you could send several hundred field definitions back to DigiView before filling up the queue.  The implications are that once you hit a breakpoint, you could process a lot of data before having to dismiss the timeout dialog.  
Eventually you will run out of events to process or you will fill up your TX queue and the plug-in will hang in the CmdParser portion of the template, attempting to communicate with the DigiView app.  If this happens, simply dismiss the timeout window so that DigiView can process its end of the data and the plug-in will continue. If you were single stepping or you hit another breakpoint, DigiView will timeout and display the dialog again.